David Hoffman  Great friend. Fabulous Musician. Trumpet soloist and occasional arranger for Ray Charles

Elizabeth Geyer  Wonderful Jazz Trumpet, BUT, her singer/songwriter chops are the thing

Eno. I think everyone knows about Brian and Roxy Music

Mark Isham. Wonderful musician and film composer

Erik Scott. Bassist and a guy that has great musical qualities

Pat Metheny. Incredible American musician

Paul Winter. A visionary musician that integrates the world and nature

Chuck Wild. Liquid mind

Laurie Spiegel. Laurie is one of the early pioneers in electronic music. I used her program called The Music Mouse on THE PROPERTY OF WATER, a mix of acoustic instruments, nature and the "mousies" rather intelligent improvisational aspects. laurie called the album "A mix of silicon and wood." I loved that.




New Age Music World. Source of news and events

GeoArts. The wonderful photography of Jerry Derbyshire. Kind enough to let me use some of his photography on The Property Of Water and A View From The Plain.

Bill Binkelman. Writer and music reviewer...good guy.

Suzette Boulais Art. Suzette did the cover for the album Imaginings

New Age Music Guide.  More info of new age music. BT Fasmer editor. His new age spotify playlist here.

New Age Music.com

Discography of New Age, electronic and ambient music.

New Age Music Planet. Paul Landry

Zone Music Report. A wondrous report service for new age, jazz and instrumental music. Out of New Orleans. I'm proud that my album IMAGININGS was given the honor of being chosen best contemporary Instrumental album of the year in 2015. In 2013 the album SLEEP the dreaming flute won best Native American album.

Ambient Visions. Another great source for music to touch the spirit



Paul Facebook

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Paul On Instagram.



Echoes. John Dileberto

Paul on Pandora

Paul on Spotify

Paul on Tidal

Paul on iTunes.

HNR Happydays New Age Radio in Korea. 

Paul on Google.

Paul on CD Baby.

Paul on You Tube.

Donna Jo Thornton  KSBR

Renee Blanche Night Tides KCUR. 

New Age Music Channel

HOS. Hearts of Space

SLEEP RADIO in New Zealand.  For those with difficulty resting


















Glass Onyon. A great guy that does all my press releases as well as others like Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Jon Anderson, Emerson Lake & Plamer etc etc. I mention him her for musician friends that my need press releases He's (Billy)a good guy

Jay Goldberg. A real emprisario. Puts on many shows throughout America. My favorite is SUMMER CAMP in Chillocothe Illinois. Perhaps the biggest festival of music in the world

JAZZIZ Magazine  covering jazz and some new age