When limitation brings solace

They're out there performing miracles. Musicians with what are called "handicaps." My friend and occasional composing partner David Hoffman played for Ray Charles for 13 years and EVERYONE knows about this ICON. Most of us have heard about the genius of guitarist Django Reinhart's abilities with a very damaged fretting hand. Few others may know a bit less of Jerry Garcia's missing digit. But right now I'm going to focus on what I know and how I apply my style of playing on my 9albums (Not all my albums are fingerstyle guitar though.).

Failure Rocketing You Past Limitation

Failure is a Monster in the lore of human kind. It’s the grand "ogre" that can bring about frustration and eat at the soul. Another thing failure is: AN OPEN GATE, and a new horizon. There is no such thing as failure.

Music and meditation

I compose a variety of music some of which is appropriate for meditation, stress management, message, and relaxation. I wanted to write this short page on music and meditation, for beginners. I thought it best not to include difficult physical and mental rules about what has to be done. Those more deeply involved in Yoga and other meditation exercises are aware of the technique of their path. Being from the mid west, I tend to take a practical approach to many things. I am not going to be involved in the measurability of exactly how music affects the mind and body. I'm interested in encouraging you to find and use music that is subjectively good for you. Even though I have worked in the field of mental health for over 25 years, I am not a scientist, or a researcher. What I offer here are impressions seeped in some practical experience rather than data. I will offer you links at the bottom of the page to allow you to read about these subjects with more detail.


The art of Paula Adams


I want to offer a page of some of the work my mother created during her life.  Like many of us, she had many talents, but I suspect didn't have confidence. What she may have seen as lack of "chops", I see as style. I think she was that good... she had vision... and THAT vision was valid.  I've had to convince myself that everyone has a voice. Bela Fleck is Bela Fleck. Pat Metheny is...well... you know.  


Over the past few months I've been involved with my mothers passing from this life. This sounds clinical – and I don't mean it that way – but in some respects during the entire event, I was outside of myself watching and growing in the process while she ended her beautiful life.

Facing Depression

This is a condensed version of my experience with the illness of depression. I am a man who was given valuable experiences that lead to enormous growth. It is not an indication of having a completely self actualized or enlightened sense of self. It is rather an understanding that through this difficulty, I have grown, and that I have many miles yet to travel.

Fathers WW II flight experience

My dad, as is generally for most son's, was my rock. His choosing to be a carrier pilot always held him high on my admiration list. These generation of men had to make difficult decisions. The time was critical.  Choosing to fly a plane in a time of war, and having to land that plane on a moving ship seems an insane choice. But many young men of that age make insane choices.  They helped helped to save the world.  Following the war, not much was known or done about PTSD. Some have the notion it was weakness to admit such a thing. But, there is indeed trauma. 


HOW TO BUY YOUR FIRST GUITAR (And maybe even your second).

Buying a guitar can be a bit of a mystery for beginners after reading some guitar tutorials. I thought I would place a little beginner guitar "primer" as an aid for those looking to buy their first guitar, or for those looking to buy a student guitar. I'll also have a few tips for those musicians out there who would like to learn a bit more about the mysteries of stringed musical instrument maintenance.


Captain Ernest Gordon

I had an interesting thing happen awhile back. Somewhat magical, but I'll back track. I'm fascinated with people who survive and endure. Have you ever met a character out of a story so compelling you almost can't believe it is real? I was fortunate to have crossed paths with a number of magical individuals, one of which was my father who was a carrier pilot in the Second World War. He flew TBF Avengers. Perhaps one of the most interesting non family member is Ernest Gordon, formerly a Captain of the Scottish Argyles.



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